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Monday, July 16, 2007

Bavington: Haul Road to Airport Loop

This was my first ride at the Bavington area and by the underbrush encountered I may have picked the road less traveled, but none-the less these were some fantastic trails and overall a great ride.

I parked at the sharp bend North of where Kramer road meets Haul and took the trail east headed towards the model airport. If you are driving North on Haul you'll pass Kramer on your right. There's a sign pointing towards Kramer for the model airport. After you pass Kramer you'll come an open marshy lowland area and then the road makes a sharp left. The trail head is on the bend on the right hand side of the road and can be hard to find.

The trail starts at the bottom of a wash out. As you continue up the ravine the trail will start up the hillside on the right and double back.

This section takes you on a narrow winding path east toward the model airport mostly following the ridge line and paralleling Kramer road.

The trail is well cut but the underbrush was just growing over. In July it was very weedy but still manageable.

After a mile and half the trail will come to a ridge that overlooks Kramer road. At this point the trail is about 50 yards from the road. Soon after, the trail comes to a 'Y'; the left branch heading up and clockwise around the airport and the right branch heading down towards the airport gate.

I took the left branch following the loop clockwise. In July this half of the loop is too overrun with weeds. A couple of times I was forced to get off my bike to get through. It's a great piece of trail, it would be awesome if it was given some maintenance.

The other half of the loop wasn't all weeded up like this. I would suggest making a right at the Y. The trail will spill out where the drive way for the model airport meets Kramer road. This driveway cuts loop in half. Head up the drive way (North) toward the model airport. As you head up the gravel road you'll see a sign for spectator parking. Ride into this tear shaped parking lot and find the trail. This trail will head North a little and then start taking you back clockwise around the loop.

Eventually the trail takes you back around to the model airport driveway. You can take the path you came in on or explore the trails directly across the street known as Rolands world.

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