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Monday, August 13, 2007

Bavington Gets A Trim

UPDATE: Map of Known Cleared Trails

Just want to say much thanks to the guy that trimmed up some of the trails around Bavington. (Sorry I forgot your name). He spent the better part of his week off with a pair of hedge trimmers and a machete clearing up the trails around the five points parking area. I believe people refer to these trails as the new trails.

I could only guess at what trails were cleared up. I didn't lead the ride so I wasn't completely sure where I was at for the first half of the ride. I split off from the main group and got drug around by Travis Saelor for a while. Wow he's in shape. I thought I was going to puke. I asked for hard pace and he dished it out. Travis's Blog: [].

The second half of the ride I hit some trails out by the RC Airport. Part of the route definitely suffered from undergrowth.

If you take Haul road north past the RC Airport road there's a 90 degree left. This trail goes East towards the RC airport is pretty over grown. It still ridable but only if you are willing to receive some lashings. After you find the trail head go about 75 yards and start looking for the trail that goes up the hillside off to your right. It's easy to miss and I don't know what kind of Jungle you'll get yourself into if you continue straight.

I took this trail over to the loop around the airport. I skipped the left half of the loop that goes around the airport. If the airport field was 12, I skipped 7 - 12. I made the mistake of riding that section last month and it was super choked and over grown.

The trails starting at 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock were mostly clear. Here's how I road it: at the 7 o'clock intersection I took a right and b-lined it to the airport field entrance gate. I went up the airport driveway and entered the visitors parking lot. Take the trial off to your left that heads up hill. You'll hit a couple weedy sections but after you enter the woods everything clears up. The trail will join up with the loop and bring you around clockwise back to the airport gate entrance. There's a lot of nice trails back there.

From there I crossed with plans to make my way back to the five points parking area. By no means were the trails clear but they were certainly a lot better than the West side of the airport.

I road the trails off to the left. Take the double track off to the left. You'll come to a log pile directing you to the single track off to your left. As you follow the ridge eventually you'll see a mega steep trail off to your left. Make this left down the steep section.

After the windy downhill you'll come to a small creek crossing. Immediately after the creek crossing take the trail to the right. If you immediately come to a wider creek you've gone the wrong way.

Eventually at the top of a climb you'll come to a mud pit followed by an old oil well. Come down off the hillside and start looking for your turn. The trail goes over a stream crossing a culvert. The trail will be this immediately to your right and starts with a very steep climb. If instead you reach the gravel road (Van/Gorder Road), you've gone too far. Turn around and find the trail, you're not too far past it. (Alternately this gravel road will lead you back to five points).

This section definitely had some undergrowth problems but it wasn't terrible. Alternately you could take a right and go up Van Gorder Road (up the hill).

Next you'll come to a 'T'. I went left. Next you will cross a gravel road (Van/Gorder Road).

After you cross the gravel road this next section of the trail is pretty clear. It takes you to the gravel road just a few yards south of the 5 points parking lot.

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