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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quebec Run Wild Area Trail Guide

Quebec Run Wild Area certainly lives up to its name - it's wild, it's rugged and it has a real remote back-country feel. Its 'wild' designation means that no development of a permanent nature is allowed to ensure it retains its undeveloped character.

Quebec Run

My guess is - you'll either love or hate Quebec Run Wild Area depending on your mountain biking sensibilities. If you crave trails "designed by mountain bikers for mountain bikers" and like to jump on your bike, flow along the trails and not put your feet down again until you're back at the trail head, then this trail system is probably not for you. If you love feeling like you're in the wilderness, riding wild, ruff, and rugged trails and don't mind some hike-a-bike, then this is somewhere you should definitely visit.

The dense forest here is stunning, one minute you're riding through hollows of hemlocks or by beautiful rocky mountain streams, the next you're riding on tight twisty trails through rhododendron thicket or navigating moss-covered rocks along fern-lined single track.

Due to the rugged nature of these trails there is some hike-a-bike on short rocky sections, steep ups and downs, and steep drainage gullies. Some sections are smooth while others are challenging, rocky and rooty. There are plenty of streams to cross to add to that undeveloped back-country feel. However, the larger streams (runs) do have bridges crossing them.

The Mill Run Trail is very scenic following the beautiful Mill Run. There is a nice climb (about 1,000 feet) on the Tebolt Trail. The Hess Trail has varied terrain and some excellent narrow sections and the Miller Trail has a "must-do" descent. The trails are well blazed and even have directional blazes indicating a turn in the trail. All trail intersections are signed.


Google map directions from Pittsburgh
1 hour 33 minutes, 65 miles

Trail Map

DCNR trail map

Suggested Route

From the Mill Run Parking Lot follow the Mill Run Trail for 2.5 miles passing intersections with the Miller, Grist Mill and Rankin Trails. At the intersection with West Road take the Tebolt Trail and climb for 3.9 miles crossing Tebolt Road and then Quebec Road on the way. At the top of the Tebolt Trail take the Hess Trail all the way (4.2 miles) to the North Parking Lot. Along the Hess Trail you will pass intersections with the Brocker Trail and then West Road. From the North Parking Lot descend the Miller Trail for 1 mile passing the intersection with the Long Run Trail. Turn left at the intersection of the Miller and Mill Run Trails and retrace your path back up the Mill Run Trail (1 mile) to the trail head.

Trail guide by Simon T


  1. Excellent trail description and suggested route. - rk

  2. Excellent blazing on the suggested route. Big thanks to whoever did it!!

  3. you have described the route very impressive. its really useful.


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