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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cross'd Bite Race Recap

Cross'd Bite
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Last Sunday was the Cross'd Bite. The hope was for snow but it was not in the cards. The mid winter thaw brought us mud and rain.

I road up to Frick and met Gregg at the official race rendezvous in the parking lot. It had already started raining hard. Looking at the radar earlier that morning Gregg  was hopeful the precipitation would hold off at least until the start of the race. His optimism lured him out. With it pouring already, encountering thick momentum sucking mud was an absolute certainty. Gregg was having none of it. Mud and pouring rain in the mid January cold was not his gig. He decided he was heading back home. Can't fault him for that. No one else showed at the parking lot. So I was the only one following Ted out to the start. We cut through Frick and then headed up to the slag piles.

This wasn't my first cross race but this was my first cross race with a cross bike. This was also the first time I road my cross bike anywhere but on the road. I quickly took to the cross bike feel, it was familiar, and not the first time I road this type of bike in off road situations. Growing up we took our ten speeds everywhere. I road plenty of places I should have not taken a road bike. Eventually me and Ted made our way through the park under the 376 bridge and up to the slag piles. I was pleasantly greeted by a large crowd of bikers and spectators. It was a pretty good turn out considering the rain.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cross'd Bite! Winter Cross Race This Sunday!

Passing this along get all the details at:

Some winter cross ‘nat! An hour of riding, running & bunny hopping in the cold & (hopefully) snow. Cash & prizes for the winners. Potluck to follow.

And now… Straub for everyone! Thanks to Straub for chipping in some ice cold delicious “sports drink”, by which I mean BEER!

Where: Slagheaps (Goodman Radio Tower in Frick Park)
When: Sunday, January 24th; 1pm start
How much: $5 to race, free to watch
Prizes: Yes. Overall, womens & jeans (for the hipsters)

If you’re confused about how to get to the slagheaps, or would rather Park somewhere convenient, there will be a guided ride leaving from the S. Braddock and Biddle Parking lot at 12pm.

Where: Highland Park (5484 Hays St, the house with the giant chainlink fence)
When: Sunday, January 24th; after the race… like, I dunno, 3?
How much: Covered dish
Prizes: it’s a POTLUCK

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