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Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Ride

I was introduced to mountain biking by my uncle when I spent some time out in Colorado. Yes the legendary Colorado single track. He gave me a quite proper initiation, as I feel we all should when we first start out. We started the ride with a fast climb rising several hundred feet on switch backs. At the top with temples throbbing they barely let me catch my breath before we took off on this wild downhill. I was trying like hell just to keep up, fearing I'd be left behind because they weren't waiting. The trail took me off of drop after drop, I just held on with white knuckles and my ass never even leaving the seat. Ouch!, my rear hurt so bad the next day. I was so happy to find them waiting up at bottom. I thought, my god this is the craziest damn thing I've ever done. I was afraid I might actually like it. Several years later I'm still here, alive and well with only a few bumps and bruises and only a couple very minor brain injuries. Riding has been good, I'm glad to be getting back into it.

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