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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Month of Mud #4 North Park Time Trail

North Park will be a short race. A one lap time trial and the course should run a little under 6 miles. The trails are more open than Bavington and this will certainly bring up the pace. I'm expect the winning time to be below 30 minutes compared to 42 minutes at Bavington. Where the top Bavington rider averaged 11.5 mph I'd guess the top pace at North Park to be more around 13.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick Brady's Recap and Grove City Forecast

Another Month of Mud record, biggest turn out ever for a Brady's Run race. Rain never came, and the course is bone dry. The prologue lap has the stragglers choking in dust. Celebrity appearance made by the Pflugenstein. Jerry wins the overall race with a narrow 20 second lead over single speeder Evan Perrone and earning top place points in the master's class.
Here's a couple of Brady blog posts:
The Bushwacka Report
Plug does a quick recap of his performance at the bottom of this post.
Fat Cyclist Rider G. Somerhalder's report

Up next the Grove City cross race. This is generally a fairly dry course, but a week of precipitation and 'a few showers' in this weekend's forecast and we may actually get some mud in our Month of Mud. Cross Race season, it's all about the mud.

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