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Friday, July 13, 2007

Free Ride

Finally got to check out Free Ride. Free Ride is a bicycle recycling program that takes old donated bikes and helps someone who needs a bike fix them up. In return they ask for a donation of time or money. They'll also help your fix your bike. ' We won't work on your bike but we'll show you how to'.

They recruit volunteers and I always wanted to go there to see if I could help out a bit but I ended up there looking for a new bike for my son. We took his little full suspension tyke bike with us to donate and started our search. He found cool little silver diamond back single speed that didn't take much more work than inflating the tires. He was super excited with his find.

Don't think free ride is just for people without any kind of ride. I found quite a few things there to help out a needy trail rider. I found a suspension fork to replace my old blown out shock and pair of clipless pedles to swap with

If you feel like helping out, they seem to always be looking for people to help work on bikes, teach or even just straighten up and donating to them is a really cool and generous thing to do.

Free ride is in the city near the intersection of Pointe Breeze, Homewood and Wilkensburg. Here is their web site: []

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