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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bavington - First Time

I've done a lot of riding in the area and I'm surprised I never made it out to Bavington. This place is fantastic. Many claim it to be the best single track in the area and I might agree. The trails are narrow twisting and windy. Way fun.

This place lacks what most trails in the area suffer from; extreme vertical variation. Too often trails in the area plummet into valleys and come straight back out again instead of follow valley contours or ridge lines. No matter which direction you are riding them in, you spend too much of your time walking your bike or devote most of your energy to nearly impossible climbs.

The trails at Bavington are different they are consistent and flowing; trails follow ridge lines and have gradual descents and uphills. I even road a switchback, such a novel idea out here in the east. Bavington gets my seal of approval.

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