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Saturday, October 31, 2009

10 Favorite Places to Ride

Simon T is taking an add hoc poll over on the PORC message boards of the mountain bikers ten favorite places to ride within 3 hours of Pittsburgh. The results so far:

1 Mohican State Park/State Forest
2 Moraine State Park
3 Big Bear Lake Campground
4 Raystown Lake (Allegrippis Trails)
5 Roaring Run Watershed (Apollo)
6 Bavington (aka Hillman State Park)
7 North Park (Allegheny County Park)
8 Laurel Highlands
9 Hartwood Acres (Allegheny County Park)
10 Seven Springs Mountain Resort
11 Frick Park (Pittsburgh City Park)
12 South Park (Allegheny County Park)
13 Boyce Park (Allegheny County Park)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Settlers Cabin Park

Settlers Cabin Park is located approximately 11 miles west of the city center and more recently certain trails in the park have been blazed and mapped. Heading west it is located just off the parkway after crossing route 79 before Robinson Town Center.

Directions to the Park

Park location on google maps

Park Maps

Map of blazed and unblazed park trails
Park Roads, Boundaries and Pavilions

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