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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bavington 5 Points Road Extension

Over 20 miles of single track run through Hillman State Park, located in the state game lands in and around Bavington, known by mountain biker's as just Bavington, it's one of the most beloved mountain biking trail networks in and around Pittsburgh. The five points area also know as the 'new' trails is probably the most popular section in the park.

New Updated Material: Check out the Bavington resource page for other maps and trail guides

The Trail

These trails feature tight winding single track and rooty trails through young pine forest.

These trails are fairly smooth with tight turns with some roots thrown in. The trail offers enough variation to make the trails interesting for advanced riders, novice riders will find these trails a challenge.


The trails follow flat tops and ridge lines and generally have a low grade making them fast both going up and down. You will encounter a few steep climbs but these are fairly short and all of them are ridable. The trails are up above the wet low areas and they generally stay dry. Pine needles covering the forest floor in many areas also help with the water.

Trail Head [Google Maps]

The trails are located near Bavington in Hillman State Park on Pennsylvania State Game Lands. This is east of Burgettstown and Stark Lake Post Gazette Pavillion. There is a parking area at the intersection of Haul Road and 5 Points Extension Road. If you turn onto Haul Road from Old Steubenville Pike, this will be the second road on your left. Don't confuse 5 Points Extension with 5 Points Road, which will be the first road on your left.

The Route

[Link to Original Maps]

This is around a six mile loop, it's an easy route to follow and involves only three turns.

The trail head is at the north end of the parking area. Enter the trail and head up a steep set of switch backs, this is a short but certainly challenging climb. After about 1/3 mile the trail will turn south and cross Five Point Extension north west of the parking area. After the trail crosses the road you head up a short steep climb.

In this section the trail is very windy and often circles back on itself but never crosses itself. A grassy double track cuts down the center of this open loop and the trail crosses it several times.

Eventually the trail again crosses Five Points Extension Road again; this time at the north west end of the road. Cross the road and head up the switch backs.

After about a mile the trail will go through a short field as the trail enters the woods it makes a sharp left, instead go straight up the hill. This is a short circuit trial that cuts out a not so fun weedy field. As you go up the short climb you'll notice the trail is s a little weedy. At the top it descends quickly and takes you to a 'T' insersection. Make a right and continue.

Follow the trail for about a quarter mile until it leads you to Haul road.

After you come out onto Haul road you'll see the trail continue directly across the road. Don't take this trail but instead make a right and head south down the road. Immediately on the right you'll see a tall orange pole marking a fiber optics line. After this look for a steep trail off to your left. It's about 50 yards down from where you entered the road.

This trail starts off very steep and will require you to push or carry you bike up a short section. (It's worth it there good riding ahead). At the top get back on and get going.

After a half mile you'll see to another trail empty into your trail, keep going.

Next you'll cross Van Gross Road.

After another 1/2 mile the trail ends at the intersection of Van Gross and Haul Road just a few yards south of the parking area.


  1. Thanks Shred, I am visiting family in the area and used your trail description this morning without a hitch. Nice fun singletrack, today it was just a bit muddy and some really nice person had just recently trimmed down the brush on the trail. Perfect weather and great ride - except for when I came around a tight turn and a skunk was center trail in the defensive position - naturally I dropped my bike and ran backwards like a little girl. Thanks for sharing! Steve

  2. Awesome ride. I hit it today. If anyone else rides this, note that there is no road sign for 5 points extension. The road splits at a three way and there's a pine tree in the median. Take a good look at the map before you go.

  3. great riding, just take map and directions, easly to get lost. rode and extra 5-6 miles on roads have map now

  4. Great ride. I don't do a lot of single track and the 6 mile loop kicked my ass, in a good way. Directions were very helpful though still a little confusing 1st time, when you're totally exhausted. Take his map and / or a GPS device.

  5. Solid, Solid set of trails. The six mile loop described above will keep you coming back. I rode today and there was no one there except a hot chick and her boyfriend. The hot chick was faster than me and her guy. Fun, fun ride. May go back tomorrow!


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