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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mammoth, Month of Mud Race #1

The Month Mud Race series kicked off on Sunday in Mammoth, Pennsylvania. The course was set up on a hillside in the park lawns underneath the trees. It was full of sharp turns as it cut up and down the hillside, great course, it was a ton of fun. Navigating hair pins in wet grass required some mad skillz. It was akin to a Mountain Bike downhill but in your middle middle ring; it was a blast. No doubt those guys sporting the skinny little tires on the cross bikes were having a tough time of it. I did not regret riding a fat tire at all. A question I never got answered, are you required to get off your bike to cross the orange obstacles they set up? Call me lazy but my bike is heavy, I up and overed them like a big fat log. I wasn't carrying it if I didn't have to.

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  1. The skinny tires were great on the actual grass sections of the course--hence, thats where I did most of my passing.

    Yeah, it's not technically a requirement to dismount the barriers, but it's extremely bad taste to damage them in an attempt to hop them. Seriously, if you can clear them, power to you, but if you knock them over/break them, people will be MAD.

    Some pictures taken from the race:


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