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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bavington, Month of Mud #2

Had great time at the Bavington mountain bike time trials. This year's course was changed to add more single track and eliminate the long stretch of road that took you back to the race start area. Here was the course layout: The course started in it's usually place, in the parking area at the intersection of Haul Road and Five Points extension but this year the race ended where the trail comes out across the street. Here's what was different; As you followed the loop clockwise near the top of the loop the trail was diverted. Instead of going out onto Haul road the trail was re-routed taking you a little further North leaving you out in the field at the Kramer and Haul Road intersection. For a short piece the course continued down Kramer towards the rc airport and took a right up the double track. Soon after you were back into the woods on single track. This time when the course emptied out onto Haul, instead of heading back towards the start you took the trail off to your left that is just a few yards down; Forcing you to carrying your bike and scale up the steep, steep section. This added probably another mile and a half of single track to the course. Overall the course was a fast eight miles with most riders finishing well under an hour.

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