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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Month of Mud #4 North Park Time Trail

North Park will be a short race. A one lap time trial and the course should run a little under 6 miles. The trails are more open than Bavington and this will certainly bring up the pace. I'm expect the winning time to be below 30 minutes compared to 42 minutes at Bavington. Where the top Bavington rider averaged 11.5 mph I'd guess the top pace at North Park to be more around 13.

Going by the map posted on MOM's facebook page the route should go something similar to this: The course will start at the Olympia shelter across from the ice rink and go up the single track climb behind the shelter. This trail is blazed red and blue. The course will follow the North Ridge extension (3 bridges trail) and crest at the lookout tower at mile 1.25 with a total of .75 miles of climbing. The course continues down across the gas line, crosses the 3rd bridge and after a short ascent joins the North Ridge Bypass at about mile 1.5. The course turns right onto Bypass and continues on the North ridge single track for another two and a half miles ending behind the Wisconsin shelter at mile 4.1. Here the course crosses the road and makes a left onto the bridle trail (marked solid red). This section of the bridal trail is wider, fairly flat with a few undulations. The planned course remains on the bridal trail (solid red blazings) for the remainder of the race; though I wouldn't be surprised to see a few alterations to the course in this area before race day. The Bridal Trail edges the road and makes a quick climb around mile 5.2 before a fast and furious half mile descent back to the finish at the Olympia shelter for a total of 5.75 miles.

Mike Rodack's Google Map of the North Ridge trail system will give you a good sense of the race's profile, though Google's elevation detail for this area is less than desirable.

More info on race registration and start times:

Month of Mud Home Page

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