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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Settlers Cabin Park

Settlers Cabin Park is located approximately 11 miles west of the city center and more recently certain trails in the park have been blazed and mapped. Heading west it is located just off the parkway after crossing route 79 before Robinson Town Center.

Directions to the Park

Park location on google maps

Park Maps

Map of blazed and unblazed park trails
Park Roads, Boundaries and Pavilions


  1. Have you ridden these trails?
    If yes - what are they like?
    Every thing I read about this place makes it sound like an undiscovered gem. I may ride there tomorrow.

    Lot's of mention about deer ticks (Lymes disease) on the web

    1. I just rode Settlers cabin this past Sunday and it was spectacular.
      I love a fast trail with some hills so this was classic.
      I use a Garmin Forerunner GPS and plotted my route to this map:

      This is about a 6 mile lap so I'll go out and do those 2-3 times a weekend and go home with a big grin lol.

      I love it!

  2. This is one the few posts I've made where I haven't actually ridden the trails but when I saw that they've been mapped and blazed I felt I needed to include them. I hear it can be wet at times but not impossibly so even this time of year. Here's a recent ride report:

  3. That's pretty funny - That's my ride report!!!

  4. hello all, here's a quick review of Settlers Cabin park bike trail.
    I entered the park and parked at one of the first parking areas.
    Hopped on the bike and proceeded down the road to a trail entrance.
    I was immediately really happy at what I found.
    The trail is largely flat and very very fast, which I love!
    There are 2-3 nice hills you have to navigate but I like that. It really ramps up my heart rate.
    I pasted 2 links to images below.
    Settlers-garmin is my workout as seen from the Garmin Training Center from this trail.
    5.6 miles per lap times 2, 11.27 miles, 823 calories, average speed 9.6 mph.

    It was a wonderful experience. The route you see in the second link is very fast and thrilling.

    I'd love to meet other fast riders out there to race through there as a group, that's always fun.

    I tend to show up at around noon on either Sunday or Saturday at the first parking area as you enter the park.

  5. Hey thanks for the report Greg. Nice average.

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