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Monday, September 28, 2009

Month of Mud #2: Raccoon Township Cyclo-Cross

Great course at Raccoon Township Community Park. A week full of rainy days and morning precipitation prepped the course perfectly for the race. This is what cyclo-cross and the month of mud is all about.

Sharp turns and mud gave those with bike handling skills a distinct advantage and very few riders managed to navigate the race without at least one good slide out. Each lap wore the grass down in the tight turns and what had been previously navigable at speed the lap before was now slick mud. The sharp turns lured riders in and muddier and slicker than the previous lap it sent them skidding across the lawn.

Certainly the race reseeding fee will be put to good use.

Click here for an excellent race report and photo on Knobby Meats blog.

An hour of riding just didn't seem like enough for one day especially for my riding buddy who flatted out without even laying down a single lap.

We headed over to Bavington for a somewhat casual 11 mile loop of single track. The casual pace was perfect because the one hour cycl0-cross hammer fest had put much more of a hurting on me than I had realized. This loop was recorded by his Garmin 605 GPS/Cyclometer. This thing is fantastic.

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