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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mohican 100 Fun Facts

I should taken the advice I've read and stayed off my bike a little while longer. I thought two days rest is enough time to warrant taking a nice easy spin. It was cool to just tool around on the bike. I haven't done that in a long time. Always in training mode. I headed out the door, took the road nice and easy up to Frick park for a little single track. The trail got the better of me and I ended up pushing harder than I should of. Think I strained my right leg quad. That puppy is thumping right now.

Mohican 100 Fun Facts

  • First cyclocomputer fun facts. I traveled an average of 9.5 miles per hour over 62 miles. This does not factor in time fixing a broken chain,camel back refilling or picking myself up from an epic crash.
  • At some point I traveled 42.5 miles per hour. I believe it was on pavement, god help me if it wasn't.
  • At the start of the race. Your typical endurance racer is very, very serious. Chipper light conversation is not appreciated as you pedal up the first hill.
  • Unlike the punk bike enduro where they laugh and shove you back, endurance racers get very very agro when you go off trail and brush elbows with their team mate on a pass. Even if it's up hill on a moderate section and especially if they are female. (Refer to previous fun fact above).
  • Believing the finish line is 14 miles from the last aid station, but is actually 15.5 miles is absolutely cruel, especially if it's been communicated by an aid volunteer with total confidence and that last mile and a half includes a giant mega climb.
  • It is possible to ride the last 15 miles of an endurance race faster than you road the first 46.
  • GU is one of the stickiest substance known to man and is on the same order as super glue when applied to brake levers, shifters and handle bar grips.
  • It is advisable to give absolute respect ginormous water bars on uber steep downhills, especially ones that run diagonally across the trail. Extra especially if they run diagonally, are wet and slathered with mud. (Thank fully) It takes an incredible amount of force to break one's hip. Even if you loose your bike on wet wood and hurl yourself over a ginormous water bar.
  • Unlike the impression you may get from reading his blog. Jason Mahokey cranks big gears and bullets down through the single track. Nice riding a couple miles with you. You rip it up man.
  • Single track can still keep you grinning from ear to ear even after you've spent over 6 hours in the saddle
  • Seemingly unlikely a mountain bike endurance race can be one of the best experiences you'll have in your life.

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  1. Ha, not sure "bullets" is a term that has ever been used to describe me. Ever. But thanks, whish I could have been chattier. I was holding on for dear life! ;)

    Hope you had fun out there. You got to ride the best of the trails in the 100K.



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