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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Area Mountain Bike Trails, Trail Guides and Trail Maps

Distances are from Pittsburgh's city center

Rides Close to Pittsburgh (Locations less than 35 Miles)
Schenley Park (3 Miles East)
Frick Park (5 Miles East) Trail Maps and Guide
Boyce Park (17 Miles East) Trail Map
White Oak (In development 17 Miles East)
Pleasant Valley Park (19 Miles East)

South Park (10 Miles South) Trail Map
Mingo Creek (21 Miles South outside of Monongahela)

Riverview Park (5 Miles North)
North Park (13 Miles North) Trail Maps and Guides and Resources
Hartwood Acres (12 Miles North) Trail Maps and Guide

Settlers Cabin (11 Miles West) Trail Maps and Guide
Bavington (26 Miles West) Trail Maps,Guides and Resources

North East
Deer Lakes Park (21 Miles North East) Map of Blazed Trails
Harrison Hills Park (25 Miles North East) Trail Maps and Guide
Roaring Run Apollo (33 Miles North East) Trail Maps and Guide

Beyond Pittsburgh
These rides are close enough to Pittsburgh for a day trip (greater than 35 or 45 miles, less than 100 miles from Pittsburgh).

Brady's Run (42 Miles North West in the Beaver Falls area) Trail Maps and Guide

Moraine State Park (46 Miles North) Garmin GPS Tracks

Quebec Run Wild (65 Miles South) Trail Maps and Guide

7 Springs (58 Miles South East) Trail Map
Laurel Mountain State Park (62 Miles South East) LHORBA Trail Maps and Guide

Kennerdell (78 Miles North) Trail Map

Yellow Creek (62 Miles East) Ride Report More Info
Blue Knob State Park (94 Miles East) Trail Maps and Guide
Coopers Rock State Forest, WV (88 Miles South) Trail Map

Even Further (Great Weekend Trips)
These rides make great weekend trips (or EPIC day trips). Greater than 100 miles from Pittsburgh.

Big Bear Lake Campground, Bruceton Mills, WV (111 Miles South) Info

Raystown Lake (128 Miles East) LHORBA Trail Maps and Guide
Roth Rock State Forest, State College, PA (146 Miles East) NMBA maps and resources

Mohican State Park, Loudonville, OH (145 Miles West) Spoke Junkies Trail Maps and Guide
Mohican Wilderness, Loudonville, OH (148 Miles West)


  1. How about:
    Cooper's Rock, WV
    Tomlinson Run, WV

    And can't beeeelieeeve you don't have Blue Knob, PA

  2. hey when is white oak going to be finished?
    do you know how long ppl have been wroking on it or anythn like that

  3. Here is a good 8 mile loop at Deer Lakes in Allegheny County:

  4. I've just posted a video to and I thought you might like it. This is an HD video of part of the Blue Trail at Roaring Run in Apollo.
    Title: Blue Trail #2 Frog Pond, Roaring Run Apollo
    What It's About: Single track mountain biking at Roaring Run Apollo PA outside Pittsburgh.

  5. What about racoon state park? Any info. on the trails?

    1. You can ride mountain bikes on all trails in Raccoon state park that are named after horses and you can pick up map of trails at park office on route 18

    2. Is it worth checking out? I'm only 25 min away....

  6. Racoon State Park, I beleive for the most part it is closed to mountain biking but I really don't know for sure. I heard some of the double track trails may be open to biking but I'm not certain on any of that. There was some discussion about it on the PORC message boards a while back:

  7. Used to ride a ton here:

    Black Bear 40k...10,000 acres of goodness...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The Kennerdell Map link is missing. For the best map to this area go to:

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