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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Murrsyville Cyclocross November 30th

The guys from Freddie Fu are hosting the 2008 Murrysville Cycocross. If you raced the M.O.M. last year you probably saw quite a few of them but they were a little scarcer this year. Sunday November 30th. Cat C race fires off at 10:00 AM

Didn't think I'd be a cyclocross fan, when I first heard about a half road, half trail, part running type bicycle race it really didn't have much appeal to me; but then I turned out for the first race of the 2007 Month of Mud series (Month of Mud is a mostly mountain bike part cyclocross local race series). I got to tell you I really dug the cyclocross and I didn't think I would; so much so that I was down right disappointed when the Mammoth race didn't show up on the 2008 M.O.M. schedule. Really looked forward to the Grove City race in this years series. Even bought a pair of cyclocross tires for my 29er. They fit perfectly on the rims but a full suspension mountain bike looks absolutely ridiculous with a pair of skinnies on it. Hey I work with what I got.

I don't know exactly what it is but I really like these races. Maybe I like riding with the other guys and mixing it up. It's fun getting in there passing, making your move. In a mountain bike race passing is more of nuisance. Trying to pass on single track just gets damn frustrating. Now if we could knock each other off the trail all speed racer like then maybe it'd be more fun.

Cyclocross is cool for the spectators too because hey they get to see you more than just five seconds during a 2 hour moutain bike race. I really dig it too; at the barriers you get these little cheering sections and when you make that perfect dismount, gracefully hurdle the barriers and swoosh back onto your bike in a 'yeah I've been doing this all my life' kinda a way; it feels awesome. Sometime you even get a 'nice job', yeah it's cool.

No guarantees, Thanksgiving weekend might be a little tough but I'm definitely going to try and make it out there November 30th.


  1. I'm hoping to make it too. With the weather we have, maybe my mtb won't be such a bad choice.

  2. The way the weather is looking we might need to bring a snow shovel to help clear the course.


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