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Monday, September 22, 2008

Bavington Time Trails 2008

Bushwacker brings us a nice race recap and some great race photos on his post on the PORC message boards. [Click Here]

Bavington was the first race in this years month of mud series. The time trails started a little after 10:00 and from there everything went off like clock work. Beautiful day and dry trails made for a fantastic race.

This race was grueling. Eight miles sounds like a walk in the park as far as mountain bike races go but this race was a sprint from start to finish with not a moments rest. I don't think my heart rate dropped below 90% for anymore than a minute the entire time. My lungs hurt, I don't thing my lungs have ever hurt after a race before.

One of my race buds didn't fair as well. During our pre-race warm up, going into a sharp turn he washed out on a log crossing and drove his elbow into his side ending up up with a cracked or rib and tweaked front derailleur. Give him credit he came in with a respectable time, bruised rib and mechanical issues aside.


  1. where can I find race results from the 9/21/08 bavington race

  2. West Liberty Cycles is hosting the official Month of Mud series info. I'm assuming it will be posted on their site at some point. I'm anxious to see the results too.

  3. Nice Dave....We both finished 14th.

  4. The results are up sweet!


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