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Monday, May 19, 2008

Bavington and 27 Miles of Sweet Single Track

Bavington is one giant single track feast and Sunday I set out to explore all the places I haven't ridden and ended up riding one gigantic 27 mile loop. Today wasn't going to be any sort of race pace ride, just a steady all cardio calorie burning pace to try and build up stamina. No matter how in shape I seem to be, at the races I really start to die at mile 13. I figure a consistent steady endurance building ride is what I need to help me make it through those last four miles of the race.

So started on the east side over by the old airport. This is the first time I've been over here, I've ridden almost every yard west of the creek but for various reason never ridden the east side.

I completed ten miles over there, did the figure eight trail, thorn something loop and the single track half loop over by the old airport. Made a right onto the jeep road crossed the old airport airstrip and got over to the old airport parking lot. Off the parking lot managed to find the trail that takes you down to the big creek crossing. After this I started heading for the stuff over by Haul road. I felt pretty good and today was going to be the day to do it. I'm going to ride the whole damn thing. I crossed the big creek at about mile ten, did one giant loop covering everything except for a small section I skipped east of Haul road that didn't quite fit in. When I looped back to the big creek crossing I was at mile 26.

So to try and answer the often asked question: there's about 27 miles of single track at Bavington. If you plan on making the attempt give yourself at least four hours and start earlier than I did. It was nearly dark when I made it back to the car.

Cyclometer Log
0.0 Access Road to figure 8 loop
4.2 Crossed Knowlton road did the 'Big Thorn' loop
5.7 Down the road toward Knowlton building
5.8 Right into crude parking lot
??.? Took access road that heads towards old airport
6.1 Right onto single track traveling loop counter clockwise
8.7 At field right onto access road eventually crossing old landing strip
9.1 Old airport parking lot found the single track trail near beging of lot
10.4 Big creek crossing at trail intersection took left towards haul road
10.8 Old truck
11.0 Left onto double track
11.1 Right onto single track up the steep climb
??.? Left at T onto single track loop
??.? Out onto Haul Road
??.? Up switchbacks at 5 Points Extension Haul Roading Parking area
??.? After several miles cross haul road back onto single track
19.2 Intersection Kramer and Haul
??.? Entered Lost Watch loop at sharp bend on haul road
20.4 Finished Lost Watch loop taking single track towards RC airport
??.? Went up airport driveway entered single track at visitors parking lot
24.3 At airport entrance crossing Kramer road headed for big creek crossing
25.2 Big creek crossing
26.3 Old airport parking lot


  1. Sounds like an awesome ride! How are the trails holding up with all of the rain?

  2. They actually weren't that bad considering how wet it's been. Ended up riding through two thunderstorms. That second storm brought in that cold front. I was fine until I got back to the car and stopped riding. That's when the chills set in, thought I was never going to warm back up.

  3. Nice, Congrats. I know I did about 17 there and it killed me. If you want to stick with the endurance thing you should come out to Boyce Park this Sunday for the "Full Meal Deal" ride. Its going to be about 25 to 27 miles of every single piece of trail Boyce Park. According to Bob typically about 30 people start the ride and about 5 people finish it.

  4. I'd love to but this Sunday I'm doing WVMBA race #6 White Oak Challenge in Watters Smith State Park

  5. i made a mistake, the ride is monday. Maybe i will see you there.

  6. Bavington seems to dry up pretty well leaving the trails always fast and flowing. I definitely dig them, but the drive out there is harsh.

  7. I found this site and had to check Bavington out! I used to fish at the old strip-mine lakes across from Haul Rd. I never did catch one of those 10 lb'ers,(l-mouth bass).
    I earned my stripes at S.Park was looking for trails close to the Robinson area. Thanks!
    My wife doesn't ride trails, but there are a few easy sections I can take her on and the game-roads are good for a "date-ride".
    I went out solo one afternoon and was still new to the trails and will take my nite-riding gear next time...just in case!
    I'm not in great shape and a 7-10 mile ride is plenty for me. I noticed the falling sun and found myself stopping to listen for the sounds of Rt. 22.
    I started to ride slower and knew the trails were "maintained", so I conserved water and was saving my GU for a night's sleep if need be.
    "Just stay on the trail", I told myself. "Didn't I read on the web that there's a 30 mile loop?"...I didn't bring a flashlite or TP!
    Luckily at dusk I popped out onto a familiar intersection close to the Knowelton Barn...WHEW! I made it.
    What a sweet ride. The country's a bit bigger than S.Park so If I ride solo again I'm bringing more gear. I have to. I would have rather ridden a 27 mile loop and died at the end than made a U-turn.
    So, If you see a stocky, out-of-shape guy with lights and a name is Scott.

  8. Sounded like an adventure! I stuff a tiny 2 LED headlamp in my camel back and have it with me always (2.8 oz). It's not enough to ride by but gives you enough to navigate out or fix your bike or light.

    They make a bigger 4 LED almost as lite for about $40 that could probably give you enough light to ride.

  9. Trails are fine, only the roots and dips were wet. I went again at 5:30pm Saturday and had my NR gear just in case! I almost needed it but luckily pooped out onto a familiar trail close to my truck. If there are any group rides out there I'm interested in more exploring, (even at night).
    27 to 30 miles would take me a looong time, so that's better for a day trip.

  10. For Bavington group rides check out There's been quite a few Bavington rides posted there lately. Hunting seasons back in swing so at Bavington riding is Sunday only for while.


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